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Tax Attorney in September 2022

Tax Attorney in September 2022

Function of tax law Tax law also has several functions which are based on principles which are primarily aimed at the welfare of the population. 

The functions of tax law include: Tax law is a benchmark in creating a tax collection system that must meet the requirements of fairness, efficiency and simplicity as clearly as possible in the tax law itself. 

As a source explaining what and who subjects and objects need and do not need to be used as a source of tax collection that serves to increase the tax potential in this country. Various Tax Laws Formal tax law is a tax law that contains provisions for realizing the substantive tax law. 

Formal tax law contains procedures or procedures for determining the amount of tax payable, duties tax authorities to carry out assessments. Formal tax law also determines the obligation of taxpayers to keep accounting books, as well as the procedures for presenting objections and appeals. 

An example of formal tax law is tax procedure.The substantive tax law, that is, the tax law that contains provisions on the conditions of taxation (tax object), who will be taxed (tax person) and who is exempt from tax and how much must be paid ( rate). income tax (PPh) and value added tax (VAT).

Lawyers may be known as criminal counsel, in order that a tax lawyer is a criminal lawyer withinside the area of taxation. Article 1 wide variety 2 of the Regulation of the Head of the Tax Court Number Per-01/PP/2018 regarding Procedures for Application for a Legal Counsel Permit on the Tax Court (hereinafter known as the Tax Court Regulation 1/2018) states that a criminal lawyer is an man or woman who can accompany or constitute a celebration who