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How to Make Money As an Insurance Agent

How to Make Money As an Insurance Agent

How to make money as an insurance agent is revealed in this article and a complete way for beginners to earn 100-700 dollars a day without more experience.  

Welcome to this article before we actually do it remember opening is easy for this week's free workshop but it's the fastest and easiest way to earn money online, sign up at the link below. 

In fact, a 62 year old woman went from zero to profit in 90 days, so check it out now, so one thing that strikes me is when people start building old school based businesses and there are so many industries that insurance goes wrong.  

You don't have to do everything like that.  old school way old school way like selling insurance like how to say someone like my cousin makes six figures a year selling insurance and how much I love him to death ok but it's all in his car talking to people getting houses people selling insurance doing things very simple he works really hard  or even if he makes six figures he has no time at all which leads me to think that as an online seller there is a much better way to make money as an insurance agent even if you are a newbie getting it done is much easier and much more passive than most think  people as you can see.

we even use it for our methods with my custom website, my custom brand and you can see without having to work hard yourself without having to go door to door or as you know annoying friends or family or sim constantly  constantly you  lai sell sell sell sell without really taking the time to enjoy the success I have had in the last 30 days we have scored about 43 000 cleanups and the craziest thing is that in the last seven days we have scored about 17,000 and that is the craziest thing I have experienced  here for a week, people don't mind. 

do they?  and when I start to think about it I think of my cousin, I'm like a friend, there are so many effective ways you can get and do and he told me he loves what you do.  

talking about men that's how they teach us that you know how you know like for example this company I work for that's how they taught me to sell I have to go talk to my friends and family I have to go get a new perspective I have to go expose myself  me because I don't know how to love you know how to make more money that's how I made it to the top I started talking like a good person how do you think bigger people even make people bigger than you think what are you talking about fine let  i went ahead and yes.

for example on google best life insurance sells whole life insurance policies and if i go ahead and google best life insurance Everything does every concept it does to move on from there and earn money as an insurance agent.  a little google search if I go ahead and click on it you can see all these things.  Find the best real life insurance if I click on one of these websites.  

Basically, who are these people selling the exact same insurance that wholesale life insurance agents sell?  but they don't really need to make a sale, they create content in bulk.  This is exactly what people are looking for and every time they visit one of these links, from State Farm to Prudential to Transamerica, it gets noticed.  

as an affiliate link or if someone clicks on it now that person uh continue the first example of this website if you go ahead and get life insurance this blog this website will go ahead and will make money from it now the crazy fact is more and more insurance agents are turning to this method  this is because they don't have to walk around and talk to people all the time and constantly sell them using online branding in online presence to attract prospects, now think how much more effective it would be if I went from lead to lead.

from failure to  disapproval disapproval to direct disapproval I may only get a few rejections a week and I can only speak to a handful of people even if you are at the top of your game in any given week I don't know if you talk to three people a day and review everything you know talk and  attend  an three people a day five people a day exactly a week ana you can talk to maybe 20 people 21 people 30 people and that even if you have everyone you can n call and talk to There are websites Websites that really focus on what you  do well, but they run into the hundreds if you don't.  

days when they're already looking for whole life insurance, which do you think would be easiest to sell to someone?  You need to convince why whole life is like a whole life insurance policy its good or someone really googles best life insurance maybe someone looking for your solution is the secret of selling how you don't approach people and try to sell things b coal sell  them things they don't know they want to buy you want to sell stuff they no longer want to buy and you just want to position yourself in front of them, and that's what a lot of them do blog posts.

this website really  building that brand and it's all about knowing the pros and cons of several different d insurance agents and then you don't have to be tied to a particular policy and then you can earn passive income all those things are different, you know, there are so many different companies that use this method.  

this, uh, for example, he used to have all insurance like that one by one and he's also a  like a certified financial planner and you can see he makes $151,000 in a month and is crazy The most important thing about that subject if I write for example insurance he actually sells life insurance real life insurance he earns 8 dollars commission and nine and a half thousand dollars in lead sales  via his website he doesn't go door to door he doesn't 'no bother his friends and family miles he doesn't know he talks to 20 people a week he reaches thousands of people every day which means time scale is allowed that's why I really started moving all my stomach  to the belly of search and direct marketing need to my website because with my website I can use things like pinterest and youtube to direct people to my website, which is technically not even the most appreciated, like the beautiful thing in the world  and very easy to set up. 

because our website actually has many  ak free link in the description but as you can see because it's with the product I don't need to make a direct sale, I can literally reach thousands of people every day and that's the only reason we've made seventeen thousand dollars in the last seven days.

that's the concept of taking advantage of the internet and stop wasting your time with people who aren't really your primary buyers and when I tell you my cousin here you love it crazy how I go ahead and do this as a friend of albert his name is albert like step number  this one is very simple you have to go ahead and find out who your top quality audience is, who are the best quality buyers they really want move forward and buy, say, your insurance policy if you looked last year.  

of all the people you talk to who are the people who spend the most money step number two where they hang out they hang out on youtube they hang out on pinterest they will most likely hang out on google if you know where they hang out it' '  

step number three, you want to go ahead and start creating content based on where they hang out so they can go ahead and find the best things to create content for, for example, the best words and the worst verses you can read.  2021 or 2022 or 2023. 

You can do for example caution versus transamerica state farm versus north west mutual new york life versus mutual of omaha and when you start making all these things people will start to find you because that's what people are looking for.  we are in a new era why do you have to do the old way of thinking the old way of doing business when someone is crushing these people doing belly to belly marketing door to door marketing um root marketing and how to ask for referrals and wait and pray for them to get referrals for  go ahead and make sales so they can probably make six figures when someone like me, someone who isn't the smartest person in the world. 

can get the last seven days 17k for not being the smartest person in the world and in the last 30 days it's interesting that you know 43,000  hours actually, how the internet can change the game if you are really indecisive and need help with this and want a faster and easier way to profit from the internet and earn more money faster than selling insurance and be sure to sign up for  free workshop this week because we  i have a 62 year old woman who makes a profit from zero to $160,000 and In 90 days also see my podcast on all success I am a person who lives here in Bali and who makes a lot of money online like this 11 year old girl who makes 30 million  dollars and this guy who made a million dollars in profits and have a look here hope this helps and bye.