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Tips for Selling More Life Insurance Policies From Home

Tips for Selling More Life Insurance Policies From

Hey guys, I'm Laluahmad, and in today's article, we're going to talk about six insurance concepts you can use right now to create better conversations with your clients. I know many of you are wondering what you can say on the phone or what kind of conversation you can have with your prospects so without further ado let's get started here is what we are going to learn today learn the first point changing the conversation From Assets to Income Learning Point Related to Income 2 6 Insurance Concepts You can use it to start a conversation with your prospects and customers.

Learn from point 3 why you should focus more on the concept and less on the product [Music] so let's talk about the sales strategy properly. Who should be my sales rep whenever I feel that sales talk? they are not in their place to start thinking about how and why people should buy from shopkins why should they do financial planning is a very important question because when we talk about financial planning it is not about 'a product is a concept so the presentation what concept are you going to practice every day in financial planning we always talk about assets assets today and assets are not assets you can have the best assets in the world but if you don't, I don't win, assets become real liabilities, so what layout is right for me?

So the best presentations are working for me right now, it's all about income, income and income. you lose your income because you lost your job you are right to think that if you were forced to retire you lost your job you could find another job part time it's about six or nine months you may have to be cutting your hair so you don't win if they give us the same salary you will probably get a lower salary.

Imagine if that salary went down to zero, so I once sat down with a client and said, Mr. Client, today you make ten thousand dollars every month. ny cut your salary from ten thousand to eight thousand so twenty percent they say you gonna cut your salary twenty percent what are you gonna do said sanjay i will uh i will find a way to reduce my expenses I said ok let's say your salary goes from eight thousand to six thousand, you know the market is really bad, pandemic etc, six thousand, so what are you going to do with it? like sanjay i really have to tighten my belt and you really know how to cut costs i mean all this tourism will stop we will we will choose this is a hard time i mean can you imagine if it was 6000 to zero so what happens there are two scenarios where ten thousand can go straight to zero number one if you get sick your income can go straight from ten thousand to zero number two if you succeed wow your income from ten thousand can go straight to zero never thought you see if you lose your job you're gonna get another job with six thousand five thousand four thousand but if you get sick or die ten thousand go straight to zero and you don't have it foreseen.

That's what you have to think about. It all depends on how you start the conversation, the story, the presentation, because your presentation will affect how your client behaves, and that's a very important factor, so when we have a meeting with a client, do what preparation do you do each time? I meet a client. I spend about 10 minutes before the meeting thinking about which presentation I should use. I have to talk about income. I have to talk about the family.

I have to talk about what I have to talk about and I prepare in my head what presentation I want. to start my conversation because instead of starting my conversation with hello, how does everyone ask this question and everyone respond to the same answer? If you start the conversation with something more interesting, like a story or a presentation. I pick up the phone. I call you hello. How are you, good?

You know what i just saw in my garden and i realized the tree is very strong because the roots are very strong and i am using the tree slideshow and my roots are now the slideshow is on youtube so you can see for yourself this is your intro start a conversation or you know i'm just thinking about something everyone talks about basic necessities in life food shelter clothes and i'm like wait a minute that works for basic needs think about it you work for your needs it's not you It's not your income that determines the type of food you eat, your income determines the type of clothes you wear, your income determines the type of home you live in, so it's not really your needs, it's your lifestyle.

a variable, i.e. your income, so your lifestyle is based on your current income you work to earn the security that this income maintains join the family if you cannot work who works there are two scenarios where you can't work number one if you get sick and number two if you die because when you can't my job starts working it's my job and I realize most of my clients don't understand that my job starts when they can't do their job i follow my plan but not yours i'm not here to tell you how to make money you know how to do it you work you work you invest you know how to make money money i was your plan b when plan a failed i was your plan b please understand how many of you will be sitting in the car where not your air bag is in your car and all of a sudden v-hit You get a sign saying airbag not working, whether you go sit in that car or take it to the repair shop, it will take you.

at the repair shop imagine you get on the plane at the right time you get on the plane and the pilot welcomes you to the airline which is beautiful but yeah sorry to tell you but we don't have seatbelts we don't have western life and they don't have oxygen masks, how comfortable are they sitting on this plane? By the way, how many of you have already used it? Oxygen masks on airplanes are never, but you always feel safe knowing they are there and that is the reality of the world. See, it's a plan B. When was the last time you tested your airbags? How many times have you hit a wall with your car? your airbags are working, but do you really want airbags in your car? And that's what fast insurance renewal is for.

for more information now let's relearn if you would be comfortable seeing your child in a car without airbags if you have a life you need life insurance clarify how many of you would be comfortable with put your family on a plane or in a car where there are no seatbelts or airbags to protect them Think about exactly what you tell the family You shouldn't buy life insurance because insurance -life is an airbag you see the whole purpose of life insurance is very of course r is to protect your future income the income you expect to generate for your family the family responsibilities you want you really are supposed to be assume it's John of course all you expect of him that's what insurance does for you just make sure all the expectations of those around you are met d if society has any expectations of you make sure those expectations are met do you live or die think about it many people tell me sanjay my family is safe what about society what society expects from you think about it there are many things society expects from you you they expect you to be a good citizen they expect you to give back how you plan to give back think.

simple presentation of the concept of selling you give yourself You realize I gave you so many introductions you can start a conversation with any of them are now conversation starters if you don't have the right conversation starters you're wasting your time you're alone because you're calling your client and that you try to figure out what to say. Why not spend some time planning before the conversation begins? You answer the phone just before answering Why? You don't plan in your head what you want to say to your client? How to start a conversation is that simple and if you can't explain it clearly you have a problem and that's why concepts are such an important part of our business. it's not about which product to use.

buy i remember when i started this business my trainer many years ago told me i was like sanjay our best selling product is the abc product contact every customer call everyone you know and say- their that the best product is the abc product i say this may be the best product i try good we all focus on the product i focus on the product thats how i started this business well i focus on one product and this happened when i focused on this product i forgot to plan sir customer this product now top selling product just because it is top selling product doesn't mean you have to buy it or you have to buy it think about it let me tell you we have the best selling chemo right?

i want to buy it no you don't need it so it's not about the quality of the product it's about why do i need the product why is it more important than what product why did i you need to have insurance is more important than insurance who to buy because the cable is strong if the cable is clear the helper is very easy to recognize and this is one of the biggest mistakes i make as a than a financial advisor and that's why I'm sharing this with you if you're a new financial advisor in the business let's focus on products start focusing on why people should buy insurance.

if the reason is clear how it's not a problem it's very easy I hope this article gives you more clarity on the concept you can use with your customers and prospects if you want this article don't forget to subscribe to my blog and leave a comment in the comment section below telling me you like this concept so my team and I can stay motivated to produce more great content for you don't forget to tell us why buy one insurance and see you in the next article Laluahmad, together let's make financial planning easier and happier for all of you.